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Free Enterprise Nationalist Government

We will have government whose concern is for White children and White adults.

We will ally with White people worldwide.

Think clearly and understand that media, which's controlled by the very few, can't tell us how to shape OUR USA; we as White people are the overwhelming majority who created the USA, therefore we own the USA.

The so called supreme court will be replaced by 23 White men and women who make final decisions based on what's good for White people. 11 White men and 12 White women, since in a tie vote, women are less likely to vote for war.

A class action lawsuit has been filed for COLLUSION BETWEEN #congressTRAITORS and thee #SCUMsupremecourt

Free Enterprise Nationalist USA government probably won't need senators etc and will be replaced by Mayors, City&Town managers etc: There is a better way for us as White people and we will cooperate and find that better way.


OUR USA has been subverted primarily by media masters, Genetic-jews who are non-White.

Israel does genetic testing on every prospective citizen to identify if they are a jew; we will use the same genetic testing to identitfy genetic jews in OUR USA and deport them to Israel&china.

Anti-Trust Law

Anti-Trust Law will be bolstered to prevent one group from controlling all. Billionaires will no longer control OUR USA SOCIETY using: so called non-profit agencies or non-governmental organizations, tax avoidance schemes, and cash to buy OUR USA POLITICIANS.

World Affairs

We don't need anything from any other nation. We have the intellect and resources in OUR USA to explore space or create whatever we choose to create.

We will assist Poland, Russia, Canada, Germany, England, South Africa, Italy, Denmark, White people who don't want non-Whites in their land; and any other nation who doesn't want non-Whites in their lands. 

These White people are not allowed to speak out against non-White invaders or carry a weapon to defend themselves.

The genocide of White people worldwide will end soon.

We will stop Israel and Saudi arabia from slaughtering and dominating peoples of the middle east.

china will be stopped from over-fishing the world's seas. china will be stopped from paying poachers to slaughter elephants and rhinos for tusks and horns. chinas aggression will be stopped, period

china and Canada will be stopped from flushing raw sewage into the oceans. 


I'm just an everyday honest White man who won't tolerate the further genocide of White people or the further theft of OUR PROSPERITY and OUR FREEDOM to live, work, recreate, educate among our own people, White people.

If you've nothing constructive, you're dishonest and brainwashed; don't bother me: You can't handle the truth/facts.

If you're White, and your concern is for White people, November 2020 write in "Bruce Kenneway" "Independent" for President; and "Tom Metzger" "Independent" for Vice President.

Plan Of Action

Exit NATO; Exit United Nations; Immediately Stop nonwhite immigration; create a national bank system independent from all nations; modernize infrastructure; explore space and colonize planets; create good jobs with strong employee rights, healthcare, and retirement.

The kosher food tax and kosher hardgoods tax (tin foil, plastic wrap, waxpaper wrap, etc) is banned and being prosecuted as racketeering. All monies stolen since the 1960s will be returned via an IRS refund to us.

Immediately station U.S. Militaries in South Africa to stop the genocide of White adults and White children. Remove all influence of israel over South Africa.

Arrest and prosecute: gates, buffett, zuckerberg, piss-ant netanyaho, rothschild family, bezos, kissinger, adelson, soros and others for violating criminal law or antitrust law via NGOs, not for profits, and other methods. Their concentration of power is broken up.

israel is declared an enemy entity. Golan Heights is returned to Syria.

china is declared an enemy entity. Taiwan is declared independent of china. ALL china military installations of south china sea are dismantled. Asian Sea is now the name for former south china sea.

saudi arabia is declared an enemy entity, and will remain within its land borders, and will remain within its air space.


The Christian Cross is now reestablished on public property. The Genetic jews' manureah is banned from and removed from public property.

So called: affirmative action, is overruled and banned.

Present immigration "judaic law" is overruled. Original immigration law limiting immigration to "White persons" is reinstated.

Primacy of opium/heroin, and KILLING, will be removed in Afghanistan via developing natural-gas/oil/mineral reserves. M-F, 9-noon, ET