I am a White Identist

May my White Creator in Valhalla, White Heaven, bless and protect all White people and enforce our right to  freedom of association.

And assist us in bolstering and forming Whites only societies on every continent, and assist us in defending ourselves from the non-White races which includes Genetic-jews. Ahmen

May there be relative Peace and Prosperity on Earth; Ahmen

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https://refugeeresettlementwatch.wordpress.com/ <=Go here. learn how non-white invaders are being flown into OUR USA at night so we don't notice them. Thiss being done by the scumbags of the united nations.

Invaders are being paid $3500 monthly free cash money when they get here.

Reasons why theyll go bye bye

Negro hater of White people, jamie foxx, had the nerve to lecture about hate while opening a televised music event.

Prior to above, that sucker said in public the following about movie django: I kill all the White people in the movie. How great is that? 

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What wud,U,do for a piece of popcorn chicken?


This guy talked big as if he was still teaching physics, but didn't even have the courage to run for President using the write in vote etc. He got too comfortable making a million dollars a year with his organization. David Duke, Don Black, Tom Metzger have all won elections.

This guy also disparaged a financially poor White mother and her three White children he was inline behind at a store in West Virginia, where he hid out.