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A combined Health, Eye, Dental: USA Health Care Plan, Etc

A combined Health, Eye, Dental: USA Health Care Plan

 I will make sure all Businesses, large and small are profitable by even-fair-honest trading with foreign nations.

 When our USA needs a product from another nation, I will make sure the price is right; yet my first efforts will be to produce the machines, the metals, plastics etc we will need to produce our own cars and trucks, cell phones etc.

 Now that Businesses will be profitable, businesses will have the means... the money, to provide good Health Care, Retirement, and other earned benefits for Employees. All social safety net programs such as Social Security benefits remain untouched! 

 I will detail union representatives to audit all businesses' financial records to make sure businesses are honestly reporting income and profits. 

 Some businesses will be more profitable than others in our Free-Enterprise form of Governance in our land The United States of America; therefore, American citizens will strive for an education and skills to land the jobs which are more profitable, and provide the earned benefits the citizen desires. 

 When I say Free-Enterprise Governance, I mean the Capitalism we live by now, but closely watched for crime and where crimes committed will be punished, whether those crimes are white-collar crimes or blue-collar crimes. 

 It is very important that I, and You, my countrymen, deal with nations honestly, that's why I'll use our unmatched on earth Gross Domestic Product Dynamo to trade with other nations who are trying to better their standard of living and live with a system of governance which fits their customs, and way of life. 

 In other words, people of other nations have an idea of what freedom is for them and their families... what, happiness, is for them; and I will make that come true using our unmatched GDP Dynamo, while keeping our militaries strong. 

 It is of utmost importance that everyone understand the population explosion of approaching eight billion people on earth has to be limited with birth control and I will emphasize birth control along with commercial trade with nations. Taking a biology or ecology course you'll learn our environment has limits to populations.

 Thank you very much for Your time, and trying to be as honest as You can in all You do day-to-day. You know what makes America the greatest country on earth? We, the people are the most honest. I will be sure to have honest people as politicians. And those who've served (in the military) make this America-USA great as do the everyday people who have not served who remain as honest as possible daily. 

 I will ban professional lobbyists, which will bring justice to politics. Politics is just about everything in life, since good leadership enables us to live prosperous lives... with safety, good jobs, and just plain enjoyable things to do and experience every day. 

 I will enforce anti-trust law starting with breaking up big-media conglomerates' control of print (publishing houses, etc), video (TV, etc), audio (radio, etc). I will then place for auction in each individual state pieces of those conglomerates. 

 These systems will work and we will make modifications where needed using what I've named: round-tables of truth justice and the American way which will be installed in the President's House... The White-house, and in every USA state capitol and major city. These round-tables will consist of every day Citizenry numbering twenty-three, so there cannot be a tie when making decisions.   

 I will dissolve the federal reserve and go to a banking system valued by precious metals, gems, and crypto-currency. 

 I will legalize medical marijuana (maybe synthetic CDB only), synthetic cocaine, and synthetic heroin, which will stop the illegal drug trade. I will hire the necessary health care professionals: Doctors, Nurses, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, needed to script and closely manage each person-patient who has a need to use. 

I will hire many councilors for our most honoured Americans, Veterans, to work with Veterans. Theres no need for pro-lobbyists, congressmen, even Presidents to profit from throwing drugs at our most valued heroes-heroines which pass through the blood brain barrier, causing so much damage to our greatest People.


I will work toward returning the Olympic Games Medals for: OLYMPIC MUSIC COMPETITION.



When Ladies agree to Birth Their Baby: I will work with all willing to donate funds {via Go Fund Me etc}, and philanthropists to start an #UnBirthedWorthTrustFund to cover medical expenses Moms and/or Dads cannot afford. 

The Mom and Dad will be asked one time if they want to see the Baby, if the Baby is to be adopted-out, and the Mom or Dad after seeing the Baby, if agreed to, have the option to continue with free choice to adopt out the Baby or keep and raise the Baby. The Dad will have the first right to adopt the Baby if the Mom wants to adopt-out the Baby. In either case, the child gets to grow-up... has a chance to Live, and be-Cool-at-School.

As I've made clear in past: Noone has the authority to criminalize-condemn a Woman for what She does with Her body, least of all: Men. Bruce J Kenneway #UnBirthedWorth #Kenneway2020 | #AbortionRights  |  #Abortion  | 


#WCT Work Credit Time. 

#WCTM Work Credit Time - Maternity.

#WCTC Work Credit Time - Cash Out.

I will implement, two weeks, Cash Out Credit #WCTC for every year, 2080 hours worked for, ALL, Employees.

I will implement, one month, Maternity Credit #WCTM for every year, 2080 hours worked for, ALL, Employees, for three years maximum... until the Child is three years old.

WCTC, as the naming implies, is used to pay for whatever the Employee desires, including Vacation, and Sick time.

WCTC may be accrued year to year.

When an undo burden is placed on a Business Owner by a large cash out by an Employee, the Business Owner may use arbitration and temp agencies to correct things. 

Over Time Hours, may not be used in calculation of WCT-C, or WCT-M.

Over Time for, ALL, Employees will be calculated at time and a half pay after forty hours in a week worked.

Over Time for, ALL, Employees will be calculated at double time pay after sixty hours in a week worked.

ANY, over time, will be voluntary.

Temp worker businesses will be closely watched to be sure businesses are not using temp worker agencies to AVOID HIRING PERMANENT WORKERS-EMPLOYEES.

Bottom-line is Business Owners want to assist Family Friends Themselves with business profits from the Business that BOTH Workers-Employees and Business Owners work so hard at.

The offering of business stocks, and bonds (utilities companies; municipalities; etc), is a method to even-out that Push-Pull between Business Owner*** (who takes much risk, and who also works hard) ***and hard working Employee-Worker.



I will adjust the price of homes. This won't go against the mortgage since the house value will then be lower, because I will install something like a homestead exclusion on all primary houses/homes. There are many methods to use to tackle this hyper-inflation we are in, including the very wealthy paying their taxes... then the USA infrastructure and teachers and police and militaries etc pay will be adjusted; THEN, AND ONLY THEN, THE WEALTHY, WHO ARE PRIVILEGED TO LIVE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WILL GET THEIR REFUND FROM THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE #IRS . Bruce J Kenneway


On heavy weather days, I will declare that day or days an emergency where U and UR children will not have to risk life and limb getting to work or school etc; and, You will still be paid for those days.

Declared heavy weather days will be watched closely for crime just as

our greatest Free Enterprise Republic Governance whichs closely watched for crime===> Capitalism; for example, if a person can telecommute on a heavy weather day and claims wage losses we will have systems in place to quickly catch that crime and severe penalties will be paid.

Businesses who lose profitability on declared heavy weather days will be reimbursed for those loss-of-profit days just as workers will be quickly reimbursed so You may pay Your mortgage and rent etc ie pay your bills on-time. #BruceJohnKenneway

Thank you for Your time and effort and being forthright-Honest in, all, You do daily. Bruce J. Kenneway  (more to follow)


#SeizedUSAJune2019 Campaign Talk

Call City Hall and ask about the early vote and have a ballot with referendum  questions mailed to You. Dont wait. U may have a vote now, ie School Board Budget Approval. We'll all have a vote Nov 2019 + Nov 2020. U can vote a month before scheduled vote. | #SeizedUSAJune2019 Campaign Talk |  #Kenneway2020  #Kenneway2024  #EarlyVote  #WriteInVote #IndependentVote #PrintInBruceKennewayPresident |